Meeting the Speaker of the House: The Honourable Dave Levac




After just over a week on the job the interns are beginning to grasp the vast complexities of all that goes on within the Legislature. Last Wednesday morning we met the man in charge of maintaining order in the House: The Honourable Dave Levac, Speaker of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario. Mr. Levac keeps everything on track in what can sometimes seem like a labyrinth of complex procedure.

Our meeting with the Speaker provided us with the opportunity to learn more about him and his important role. Mr. Levac shared insight about his duty as “referee” on the Chamber floor where he ensures that members follow proper parliamentary procedure to allow for respect in legislative proceedings. We also learned about the nature of political representation and how the Speaker’s commitment to his community has allowed him to serve his constituents in a way that transcends partisan boundaries. Throughout our meeting, Mr. Levac’s passion was palpable, filling us all with a sense of pride to be participants in this programme and to be working at the Legislature.

That pride was further amplified when Mr. Levac introduced us in the House at the beginning of Question Period. Sitting in the Speaker’s Gallery, we met the gazes and smiles of the MPPs for whom we will soon work. Although we appeared cool and collected, our excitement was difficult to contain.

Interns Introduced in the House.png

As we continue our orientation with an increasingly clear vision of what the next ten months have in store, we cannot wait to continue learning, working, (and blogging!), about our experiences at “the Leg”.


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