The Next Chapter of Orientation: Visiting the Legislative Library

The “Pink Palace’s” first Legislative library was destroyed by fire in 1909. Since then, the library at Queen’s Park has ‘risen from the ashes’ and now stands as one of the best-equipped libraries in the country. It is an indispensable resource for Ontario’s MPPs and their staff at the Legislature. It is also a great resource for us as we prepare to write academic papers on the inner-workings of Ontario’s Legislature.

We were delighted that our orientation included a visit to the library during our first full week at Queen’s Park! An early-morning mix and mingle with the library’s helpful staff was followed by a tour of their wonderful facilities. This even included a stop at the reading room reserved for Ontario’s MPPs!


The Interns also had the pleasure of meeting the Research Services team at the Legislature. Established in 1979, Research Services at Queen’s Park is responsible for answering any question an MPP or Legislative Committee might have and provides non-partisan, confidential, accurate and accessible information to those at the Legislature who request it.

Thank you to everyone at the Legislative Library and the Research Services Branch for showing us the ropes!


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