No Pun InTENded: Our OLIP Experiences in Ten Words: Part II

Ten Interns, ten months, ten words; it is time for our second installment of No Pun InTENded! To refresh your memory, all ten Interns were assigned the challenge of defining their OLIP experience so far in just ten words. The Interns that you are about to meet were persistent in providing you with the best content! (You didn’t think that you could get away without reading some cheesy ten puns, did you?)

We introduce this tenacious bunch with excitement so pay attention to their answers! You’ll love the insights in every sentence.



“So many new names and faces – what an amazing start!”

       – Leslie Muñoz


“Opening doors, developing skills, and exploring #ONPoli from the inside.”

– Rachel Nauta


“Running through the 6ix with my knowledge of provincial politics.”

– Alexander Overton


“Turning theory into practice – learning how provincial government really works.”

– Kyle Sholes


“Learning from my brilliant colleagues and developing skills for life.”

– Emily Trudeau

That concludes our introductions. Keep checking our blog often for updates. We hope that you will give this post a ten out of ten. We always intend to please!

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