ON AIR! Backstage in the Leg with Mr. Holder

The Interns were able to get behind the camera to learn how the MPPs go from speaking in the House to speaking on our laptops and TV screens. We were pleased to meet with the Director of Broadcast and Recording Services at the Legislative Assembly, Mr. Arleigh Holder.

Mr. Holder is not only an honorary Intern himself, but also a great tour guide of the Department of Broadcasting and Recording Services which was founded in 1986. The Department is responsible for broadcasting the proceedings from the Chamber and from within the Committee rooms.

We started our tour in the Media Studio, where press conferences are held by Members and external groups almost every day. We then went to the control booth for the committee rooms and later into the Speaker’s Gallery of the Assembly. Here, Mr. Holder pointed out that there are no shadows in the Chamber! To ensure excellent lighting for the cameras, TV lights ring the top of the chandeliers and a special spotlight subtly shines on the Speaker.


We were then taken behind the glass and shown the central command centre for broadcasting. It was particularly interesting to learn that each Member has a pre-set camera shot (custom to their height) coupled with a graphic that includes their name and riding which is used every time they speak in the House. The lighting even gets adjusted depending on the colour of a Member’s outfit!

Mr. Holder ended our insightful tour with a trip to the attic of the Legislative Assembly. He revealed the pulley system used to lower the chandeliers and change the lights and he also showed us the enclosed terrace. He told us that the attic is his favourite place in the Legislature and it is becoming one of our favourite places as well!

We would like to thank Mr. Holder for his time, and we look forward to seeing him around the Leg!


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