September Review


One month down, nine to go!

The month of September has been a whirlwind for the OLIP Interns, attending meetings, getting oriented around the Leg, getting to know one another, starting work on our papers and committees and attending meetings (there were a lot of meetings).

Throughout our orientation, we had the chance to meet with all of the Independent Officers of the Legislature as well as many of the divisions and services within the Legislature that keep Queen’s Park running smoothly. (You can check out our other blog posts and follow us on Twitter @olipinterns for details about our meetings!)

We also met with all of the backbench MPPs (from both sides of the House) who applied to host an OLIP Intern so that we could learn a little more about them as we get ready to start our first placements in mid-October. It was great getting to know the Members that we will be working with in our placements and in our everyday lives around the Leg. Seeing how passionate Members are about serving their constituents and the people of Ontario was encouraging and got us excited about the months ahead!

During the last week of September, we put some members of the press in the hot seat. We met with Adrian Morrow of the Globe and Mail and Robert Benzie from the Toronto Star to ask about their experiences covering Queen’s Park. Adrian is relatively new to Queen’s Park and Robert is a veteran at covering Ontario politics. It was interesting to hear their unique perspectives and insights about politics and the changing role of journalists.

The orientation period has helped us gain a better understanding of Ontario’s political landscape. OLIP this year goes ‘coast to coast’! Interns with a diverse set of backgrounds have travelled from each coast of Canada (British Columbia and Nova Scotia) and from all over Ontario for this ten month experience. We’re looking forward to the amazing experiences we have ahead of us! Keep following OLIP on social media as we share more of our adventures with you over the next nine months!


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