Writing About Writing About Queen’s Park

As Ontario prepares for a general election in 2018, issues within and around Queen’s Park have been put in the spotlight by the media. Recently, the Interns made time to talk to the people in politics who shine that spotlight, but rarely stand in it. These light-bearers are the dedicated group of newspaper reporters who cover politics both provincially and federally. We were privileged enough to speak with not one, but three journalists who watch, write and breathe politics.

Our first meeting was with Mr. Adrian Morrow, who has written about Queen’s Park for the Globe and Mail since 2013. That means that he has covered the entirety of Ms. Kathleen Wynne’s term as Premier, from the lead-up to the election in 2014 to the present.

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Like everyone we have met so far at the Assembly, Mr. Morrow’s passion for provincial politics was palpable. He is currently the only person from the Globe and Mail who works in-house at Queen’s Park, but has written about everything from campaign financing to Hydro One.

We were also lucky enough to meet with Mr. Robert Benzie, Queen’s Park Bureau Chief for the Toronto Star. Mr. Benzie has covered politics on the municipal, federal and provincial levels. Queen’s Park has held his interest for thirteen years and it shows no sign of waning.

To complete this trifecta of media excellence, we spoke with Mr. Andrew Coyne, columnist for the National Post and bona fide TV star (you can catch him on the At Issue panel on CBC’s flagship news program, The National). Mr. Coyne covers Parliament Hill, but spoke eloquently on a variety of topics, from the future of traditional media to retrospections about Mr. Justin Trudeau’s recent federal campaign.

We owe a lot to the journalists at Queen’s Park and on Parliament Hill as many of the Interns’ initial interests in politics were sparked by the media and newspapers! The media is absolutely essential in communicating political news and educating the public on matters that affect their everyday lives. For these reasons, and for their remarkable insight and wit, we were grateful to have a chance to speak with the people who bring us the news that we care about each and every day.


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