A High Energy Meeting with Our Sponsor, Ontario Power Generation


On October 24th, the Interns had the pleasure of dining with Ted Gruetzner, Rick Jennings, and Sandra Dykxhoorn from OLIP’s generous sponsor, Ontario Power Generation (also known as OPG). It was a great opportunity to learn about OPG’s work in the energy sector and how they interact with those in Ontario’s political sphere.

OPG produces half of the energy that Ontarians use and it was fascinating to learn about the ways in which they work to create reliable and sustainable energy for the province.

We discussed the refurbishment project at Darlington Nuclear Generating Station, OPG’s partnership with Indigenous communities in Ontario, and how the company stopped using coal to produce electricity in 2014. Their knowledge of the energy sector was rivaled by their comprehensive understanding of the inner-workings of politics at both the provincial and federal levels. Because energy is something that affects us all, it permeates all national and international jurisdictions. There is a lot of science and technical expertise needed to understand Ontario’s energy file and we were so thankful for the insider’s perspective that OPG has given us.


Some of the OLIP Interns chatting with Ted Gruetzner, Vice President, Corporate Relations and Communications at Ontario Power Generation

The Interns love sharing good food, and conversation and this evening was a great way to finish a busy day at Queen’s Park! Thank you Ted, Rick, and Sandra! To learn more about Ontario Power Generation, you can visit their website at www.opg.com.


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