Be Our Guest! Looking back at our Fall Reception

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The invitations had been sent, the food had been ordered, and by some miracle, the technology was cooperating. The only thing missing was our guests.

This was the scene in the Dining Room on the evening of Wednesday November 2nd, as ten Interns anxiously awaited the start of our Fall Reception. OLIP hosts two receptions every year – one in the Fall, the other in the Spring – to celebrate and thank all those who make this program possible. After weeks of preparation, nervous excitement filled the air as we waited for our guests to arrive.

As with any party, the host always fears no one will show up: Did the invitations have the right date? Will disaster strike at the last minute? Will people forget our reception and choose to watch Game 7 of the World Series instead?

Thankfully none of these fears were realized. With the help of all the Interns, (and an 8:00PM first pitch in Cleveland), the night went off without a hitch. We were thrilled to see MPPs from every party reminiscing with their past Interns; it was fun to watch our OLIP sponsors reunite with Interns from previous years, and get to know this year’s cohort; we were excited to welcome many of the Assembly Staff who have supported OLIP since its inception; and many of the Independent Officers of the Assembly also made the time to come say hello and show their support.

It was evident to all in attendance that OLIP is greatly admired. In fact, many of our guests refused to leave until well after the food was gone and the bar had closed! Thankfully, our alumni chair planned ahead and we were able to move everyone to our after party at Prenup Pub just down the road where the reunions and celebrations continued late into the night. The evening was truly a testament to the impact OLIP has on so many people’s lives at the Legislature.

As receptions chair, I would be remiss not to say thank you to all those who made the evening possible. In the interest of space I cannot list everyone here, but the teamwork that went into making the evening a success is exemplary of the many talented and selfless individuals that tirelessly work to support OLIP. Thank you all for your hard work – we’ll see you at our next reception!


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