The Ace in the Accord: Parsing Politics with the Honourable David Peterson

David Peterson_20th Premier of Ontario

The Honourable David Peterson with the 2016-2017 OLIP Interns

Building on our ever-growing knowledge of Ontario’s political history, we recently had the pleasure of sitting down with former Premier, David Peterson, to learn about his experience running the province. As the first Liberal to lead Ontario after 42 years of Conservative governments, Mr. Peterson has a fascinating background. He shared stories of his many experiences which included a number of events that took place between the fall of the Big Blue Machine all the way to the snap election that saw the NDP take power under Bob Rae.

Walking into our meeting with an easy smile and quick wit, the charisma that propelled Mr. Peterson to leadership was clear to see. As one of the driving forces behind the Meech Lake Accord, Mr. Peterson had plenty of insights to share with us regarding party dynamics and complex intergovernmental relations. We also enjoyed hearing Mr. Peterson reminisce about the combination of events that allowed the Liberals and NDP to bring down the Miller government in 1985 and the negotiations that lead to the Liberal-NDP Accord.

Thank you to Mr. Peterson for hosting us and for sharing your experiences and advice! Make sure to check out OLIP Unplugged again soon to see who we meet with next!