Security, Diplomacy, Municipality: A Flurry of February Fun

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After returning from our amazing trip to Yellowknife, the interns hit the ground running in our first week back. Apart from starting in our second MPP placements, the interns also had the opportunity to meet with several exciting professionals on our first Friday back in Ontario.

Our first meeting of the day, with British Consul General Kevin McGurgan, was particularly special for us since the British Consulate has generously supported the interns’ U.K. trip for many years. Getting to meet Mr. McGurgan was a real honour for the interns. As the consul general in Toronto, he is responsible for prosperity policy and encouraging trade relations between Canada and the U.K. He stressed the importance of collaboration in science, innovation and trade internationally, which the interns can agree with wholeheartedly.

Our next meeting had just as much experience in public service, though his newest position is only about a month old. Ray Boisvert is the newly appointed Ontario Public Security Advisor. The Public Security Advisor is a public servant responsible for intelligence and security on the provincial level. Mr. Boisvert brings over 30 years of experience with the RCMP and CSIS to his new role, and we were grateful to chat with him about his wealth of knowledge regarding national security.

The day ended on a high note, with a meeting at the Association of Municipalities Ontario (AMO). We spoke with OLIP alumni Monika Turner, Director of Policy, and Jason Hagan, Program Manager for the Local Authority Services program. We had a lively discussion about the 444 Ontario municipalities represented by AMO, and the diverse needs of municipalities which range from large cities to “teeny-tinies” (municipalities with a population of under 1000).

Thanks to Mr. McGurgan, Mr. Boisvert, Ms. Turner and Mr. Hagan for a great day! Stay tuned for more as we delve into our second term placements.


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