Engineering a Career: A Meeting with the Ontario Society of Professional Engineers


The Ontario Society of Professional Engineers is the provincial body representing engineers in the province of Ontario. A small, dynamic team, they are certainly no strangers to government, with their mission to focus on public policy and elevate the public profile of all Ontario engineers. They are also no strangers to OLIP, and have been long-time, generous sponsors of the programme. What’s more, OLIP alum Patrick Sackville now leads policy and government relations at the organization, along with his colleague Catrina Kronfli.

We had the opportunity to meet with both Catrina and Patrick to discuss everything political and government relations in the Ontario context. It was a wonderful to hear about the experiences of someone who has been through OLIP and come out the other side, as well as to hear about Catrina’s experiences within the public services. Our alumni and sponsors have always outstanding, never shying away from giving a helping hand, and Patrick and Catrina were no different. We really appreciated the time they both took to talk careers, government and politics with us. We wish them all the best, and want to thank OSPE for their continued support.


Patrick Sackville and Catrina Kronfli of OSPE with the 2016-2017 OLIP Interns



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