A “Chili” Day in October


We finished the 5-week orientation period at Rick and Lorraine’s “Chili Party.” Hosted by Rick Sage (OLIP coordinator) and Lorraine Luski (former OLIP intern and coordinator). The “Chili Party” marked the end of a hectic orientation period, where we reflected on meetings and/or getting to know one another. We routinely commented that we would miss one another, and looked forward to our weekly-Friday meetings.

We learned that Rick and Lorraine are avid “cavers,” and have traveled throughout North America. While “caving” is great fun, this activity is not for the faint of heart—especially for those who are claustrophobic!  We also played the, “intern game.” While we have been informed that we cannot describe the nature of the game (for future cohort’s) we can disclose that interns require good acting skills. Furthermore, interns should be able to identify historic landscapes, and former Premier’s addresses. While we had fun, we know to watch Daryl in future games .

 Not only did Rick and Lorraine have chill simmering on the stove top- they had three types of chili. This included the classic Texan chili, green chicken chili, and vegetarian chili. The classic Texan chili, coupled with white rice, was a crowd pleaser. We also learned that Texan chili does not have beans. We did not know that, did you?

 We want to extend many thanks to Rick and Lorraine for their hospitality, and look forward to seeing them at the reception.


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