Meeting “Ontario’s Watch Dog,” Mr. Dube



This past month, we had the opportunity to meet “Ontario’s Watchdog,” the Ombudsman of Ontario, Mr. Paul Dubé.  As an officer of the Provincial Legislature, the Ombudsman of Ontario’s power and authority are defined in the Ombudsman Act.

Mr. Dubé spoke to the interns about several topics, ranging from the Ombudsman Act to the Special Ombudsman Response Team (SORT). It was interesting to learn about how the Office of the Ombudsman handles more than 20,000 complaints a year related to Ontario government services, as well as municipalities, universities and school boards. While the complaints process is an important part of the office, they also recommend improvements for governance and resolve individual issues.

We also had the pleasure of meeting members of the Communications team, Director of Communications Linda Williamson and Communications Manager Ashley Bursey. With more than 38.8K followers on Twitter, and an extremely active presence on Facebook, the Communications team uses social media as a tool to raise awareness of their work and foster public discussion. Mr. Dubé emphasized in our meeting that communication and building relationships are key to the position – this is definitely reflected in their outreach efforts and online presence.

Thank you Mr.Dubé and staff for taking the time to meet with us, and for sharing your expertise.