Meeting with our Sponsor, LawPRO

LawPro Sponsor

We were grateful to meet with one of our sponsors, the Lawyers Professional Indemnity Company, also known as LawPRO. The company is owned by The Law Society of Upper Canada and provides professional liability insurance for private practice lawyers in Ontario, a mandate provided by the Law Society Act. Indemnity coverage has been mandatory for Ontario lawyers since 1972.

LawPRO’s President and CEO Kathleen Waters, Vice-Presidents Daniel Pinnington and Raymond Leclair, and Claims Prevention and Stakeholder Relations Coordinator Tim Lemieux took us through an overview of their mandate, the evolution of LawPRO, the types of coverage offered by LawPRO, and the changes affecting their profession and industry. Those of us considering careers in law were particularly interested in the causes of claims and the claims resolution process, as well as innovations such as Title Plus Insurance and Excess Insurance. The rest of us were captivated by the way public policy impacts the work of LawPRO and lawyers, as well as comparisons of professional liability insurance across jurisdictions.

Part of LawPRO’s role is claims prevention through education and training. Due to changes in society and law, LawPRO has also addressed serving Indigenous clients, preventing fraud through bad cheques and real estate scams, cybercrime, and social media. These initiatives have also extended to current law students and also members of the public through video or guides on renting apartments. Thank you LawPRO for educating us about your industry and engagement with the policy process, as well as your continued support of the Ontario legislature Internship Programme.

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