A Meeting with Andrew Coyne


Now that we have started our placements with MPPs, Fridays are our days to reconnect with each other and have thought-provoking and inspiring meetings with interesting Ontarians.  One such meeting was with National Post columnist Andrew Coyne.  In addition to his wit in print, Mr. Coyne is well known for his unique, but well argued perspectives on Canadian politics.

A previous national editor of Maclean’s, Mr. Coyne has also been featured in a variety in a variety of publications like the Financial Post, the Globe and Mail, and the New York Times.  He also appears weekly on the “At Issue” panel on CBC’s the National.

Mr. Coyne has written prolifically on the merits and minutia of proportional representation.  An advocate for voter reform, he explained the political and policy constraints of the variety of systems, whether they be ranked ballots or single transferrable votes.  He also pontificated on the future of voting reform movements in Canada and the provinces.

Mr. Coyne was able to educate us on party politics, particularly how it changes approaching an election – an phenomenon we will experience first hand this year.  Of particular interest is the impact of recent campaign finance and advertising reforms.  It will also be interesting to spectate the interplay between persistent issues (unemployment, education, healthcare, energy) and wedge and micro-focus policies.

A common theme in our conversations with media members has been their approach to writing about politics, as well as the changing media landscape.  Mr. Coyne provided us with valuable context on the role of advertising in publications throughout history, as well as the impacts of and varied approaches to technology.  In addition to the failings of the newspaper industry, Mr. Coyne contemplated partisan media, emerging opportunities, and the future of legacy media around Canada and the world.

Thank you Mr. Coyne for your continued support of the Ontario Legislature Internship Programme.  We are grateful for your frankness and answers to all of our questions.



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