Meeting David Peterson, the 20th Premier of Ontario


We met with former Premier David Peterson in his offices at Cassels Brock and Blackwell LLP.  The Hon. David Peterson was the Premier of the Province of Ontario between 1985 and 1990. The list of his achievements post-politics is almost as impressive as his time in political office. Since retiring, he’s held several positions, including a Chancellor of the University of Toronto, director of St. Michael’s Hospital and Chairman of the successful Toronto Bid for 2015 Pan Am Games. In addition to sitting on the board of several public and private companies, he’s also the Founding Chairman of the Toronto Raptors Basketball Club Inc. and Chapters Inc.

We spoke about his early career in politics, and his successful bid for the leadership of the Liberal party. The Hon. David Peterson discussed with us the reasons why he thought the Liberal Party won in the 1985 election, and the values that drove his political decisions.

We also talked about his last year in office, and the event that preceded it, such as the death of the Meech Lake accord. After his retirement from politics, Mr. Peterson became passionate about the issues that former parliamentarians face after leaving office and helped create the Ontario Association of Former Parliamentarians.

It was a privilege to meet with the Hon. David Peterson, and we are grateful for the career and personal advice that he shared with us.


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