A Meeting with Terry Fallis


Terry Fallis had an interesting career trajectory into the world of politics; having earned an engineering degree at McMaster he talked of being slowly engulfed in student politics until he became president of the student’s union. We resonated with this involvement, as many of us have backgrounds in student governance and were opened to the world of politics this way too. We admired his early work with Jean Chretien on the 1984 federal campaign, where he plunged into that opportunity at the young age of 24, and his later role working for the Minister of State for Youth. It is evident that he has a passion for developing and engaging young minds in politics and admires our involvement as interns with OLIP. 

He spoke a lot about the difference between politics and policy and his learnings being a political staffer. His current work is also rooted within the world of government relations and consultancy. Many of us had read his books for both school and pleasure, and appreciated the opportunity we had to inquire about his humour, wit and satire. We enjoyed all of his anecdotes and look forward to him being an annual meeting for each OLIP cohort.

Thank you very much, Terry!



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