We’re the OLIP Interns and this is… The National!

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On Wedneday, Oct 10, we had the distinct privilege of watching The National live at the CBC offices in Toronto. Having grown up watching the National, many of us were in awe and ecstatic to see where it all happens.

The unique opportunity was possible thanks to Mr. Mark Bulgutch, a former producer at The National. Currently, Mr. Bulgutch is a professor of Journalism at Ryerson University, but before, he worked at the CBC for almost 4 decades. We were honoured to learn from Mr. Bulgutch as he spoke to us about his career and took us on a tour of the CBC offices.

As a journalism professor, Mr. Bulgutch is aware of the type of relationship most youth have with news media, especially TV news. We spoke about the challenges that the industry faces, and the opportunities that are before it. We also discussed journalism as a career, and heard amazing stories from his time as an editor and a producer.

Mr. Bulgutch has produced some of the most seminal news events in Canadian history, such as the funeral of Pierre Trudeau, the 1994 Quebec referendum, and the Sept. 11 attack in New York. Most interestingly to us, he has produced every federal election night for the CBC from 1997 to 2011, in addition to many other provincial election nights. We were also excited to speak with him about the changing nature of election coverage.

Finally, following an educational tour of the CBC offices, we made our way to the production offices for The National. As we watched the team change between clips and problem solve audio difficulties live, we felt a sense of anxiety come over us. So we watched with amazement how calmly the production team pulled the entire show together.

During the break, we said a quick hello to Wendy Mesley, who was incredibly welcoming. We then made our ways home, thankful to Mr. Bulgutch and the production team for showing us how The National comes alive.