A Lesson in Advocacy with Ryan Clarke from Advocacy Solutions


During our orientation period, we have met many passionate and talented individuals, one of which was Ryan Clarke, the President of Advocacy Solutions. As a former political staffer and lawyer focusing on family law, Ryan Clarke has an expansive knowledge of the Ontario Legislature and provincial politics. He believes in ‘change from the outside’ and making good public policy. Mr. Clarke gave us a compelling presentation about the work he carries out, the nature of advocacy and how we can be effective in practicing advocacy.

Mr. Clarke’s company, Advocacy Solutions, provides effective advocacy based services for organizations and individuals. Ryan trains both individuals and organizations in ‘advocating for themselves’ in a professional manner. In simple terms, Ryan demonstrated to us how advocacy can be used as a key tool to communicate a clear message to government decision makers. Before advocating, Ryan ensures that his clients receive an understanding of the hierarchical structure and bureaucracy of government, which he deems crucial, to accomplish the client’s end goal or asks of government. Advocacy Solutions is unique because it serves small to medium organizations and fills a vital niche in the government relations market because these organizations do not have the capital to access large scale government relations firms.  

Thank you Ryan for the wonderful presentation and for your contributions as one of our sponsors. We were pleased to learn more about the different kinds of advocacy, the essence of good advocacy, and the process for developing an effective advocacy strategy. The interns are positive that your advice will be valuable as we interact with key decision makers within the political process and progress in our careers.

Screenshot 2017-12-22 at 11.14.53 PM.png


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