Keeping Ontarians Informed about Queen’s Park with Martin Regg Cohn


We had the pleasure of meeting Martin Regg Cohn, a political columnist with the Toronto Star. He has enriching international experience from his time as a reporter within over 40 countries and in his role as acting chief for the Middle East and Asia bureaus, and he candidly shared stories about his experience finding his voice as a reporter and a few of the challenges that arose while working abroad. Despite this international experience, it is evident that Mr. Cohn is passionate about Ontario, his home. He told us about his genuine care for informing Ontarians about the decision-making processes and outcomes of our provincial government as well as the daily happenings of Queen’s Park. It is evident that he understands what motivates people, and as he incorporates this into his stance, his articles are relatable and successful at conveying a message to the readers.

Our meeting came at an opportune time. We had just visited the CBC and were in the mindset of communications, the importance of public awareness about government processes and ultimately, the power of media. We appreciated how open and transparent Mr. Cohn was and his genuine responses to our many questions. We look forward to reading his column each Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday!