A Discussion with Katie Telford, Chief of Staff to the Prime Minister of Canada


Just after our meeting with Minister Chagger, we had the privilege to meet the Chief of Staff to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Katie Telford.

Katie Telford needs no introduction. As the Prime Minister’s key political strategy coordinator and driver behind the Liberal’s push for general equality, she advises him on just about everything ­­­­– from the economy to Ivanka Trump. Not to mention, she is clearly determined to level the playing field for women in Canada.

Taking time out of her very busy schedule, Telford discussed the Prime Minister’s long term vision for Canada and the importance of gender equality. As a former Page, Legislative Assistant, and Chief of Staff to a Minister in the Ontario Legislature, Ms. Telford stressed the importance of having strong federal-provincial relations between Ontario and Canada. We also discussed differences between provincial and federal politics as Ms. Telford has professional experience which spans both levels of government.

We thank Ms. Telford for taking the time to meet with us. We were more than thrilled to meet one of the most influential women in Canadian politics.


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