A Meeting with Landslide Ernie (The Honourable Ernie Eves)


We were all excited to meet Ernie Eves, the last premier we needed to meet to have met all the living premiers in Ontario. Reflecting on all of our past meetings with premiers, we noticed that each premier had a distinct leadership style and often contrasted their leadership styles with other premiers which added interesting insight to understanding Ontario’s overall political history.

Eves was born in Windsor, to a working class family. A lawyer by training, he first got elected to Parry Sound in 1981 by a margin of only six votes, giving him the name of “landslide Ernie”. Eves stressed politics often has more close victories than one would think and every voter counts.

Under Miller, Eves held multiple portfolios from Provincial Secretary for Resources Development to Minister of Skills Development and even Minister of Community and Social Services. When we asked, Eves was very proud of his work on the Native Affairs file, especially his work on the historic move in Ontario to recognize native self-government.

Under Harris, Eves was Minister of Finance and Deputy Premier. As all the interns are very interested in the Harris years, we spent a great deal of time discussing them and Mr. Eves very candidly explained the rationale and fallout of major decisions of the Harris government. Since energy policy was and continues to be a hot button file in Ontario’s political discourse, we had a discussion on the themes in energy policy and where Mr. Eves sees the file going in the future.

Naturally, since the Ontario 2018 budget was revealed, we asked Eves his opinions on it. We discussed balanced budgets and budgets in deficit. More importantly, we also discussed the public perception of the provincial budget and government spending. Throughout our meeting, Eves’ passion for his opinions stood out and we found it fascinating.

Thank you Mr. Eves for the great discussion and taking the time to meet with us!


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