Sponsor Spotlight: Ontario Community Newspapers Association

4 - Ontario Community Newspapers Association - Metroland

This week, we’re highlighting our awesome sponsor, the Ontario Community Newspaper Association (OCNA)!

The team met up with OCNA in person where we, together visited the Metroland Media Group publishing and distribution warehouse. We learned so much through this tour.  Local newspapers are so important for getting news around communities in Ontario, and OCNA is integral in this. Further, we learned that Metroland Media Group helps produce over 80 local newspapers and commercial flyers which are distributed to local municipalities all across the province. From watching endless reams of paper cycle through the print shop to witnessing the cutting, folding and packaging of the final product in the warehouse, we enjoyed it all. The day also included a chat with the brilliant journalistic and marketing minds behind the content of the media and a discussion about how they are adapting to technology and digital media.

Thank you to OCNA for making this tour happen, and for creating this learning opportunity. We are grateful for the support you give to OLIP!

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