No “getting my feet wet” period

There has been no “getting my feet wet” period in Dave Levac’s office. He has thrown me right into the mix of a number of different areas, and I couldn’t be more pleased. I have already been given a great amount of responsibility, including handling constituent issues, drafting media releases, and working out language with legislative counsel on a private member’s bill. It has been kind of hectic, and there are definitely things that have surprised me, but the first two weeks have definitely been worthwhile. Mr. Levac is also the Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of Energy, and I had the chance to sit in on a briefing with the Minister’s staff. Hopefully I’ll be able to involve myself more in this area as the placement goes on. Currently I’ve been given the task of organizing a new charity initiative that will see all the funeral homes in Mr. Levac’s riding of Brant receive wheelchairs; that will be something I’m proud of once I see it through to the end. Mr. Levac’s office is a terrific place to work and I look forward to what lies ahead.


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